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Rev. Dr. Jack Sara


After committing his life to Christ and his teachings, Jack attended Bethlehem Bible College, where he earned a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Education.  Soon after graduating from BBC, he became a member and leader in the ministry of the Jerusalem Alliance Church who in turn recognized his gifts and calling and encouraged him to study further for the work of the Gospel. Acting upon this directive, Jack went to the Philippines to study at the Alliance Biblical Seminary where he earned his M. Div degree in Pastoral Studies.  Rev. Jack later obtained a doctorate degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Missions and Cross Cultural Studies.

Life and Ministry:

Born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem, Jack was raised in a Christian family but committed his life to the Lord as a teenager after several rough experiences and challenges that many young Palestinians face.   His experience of salvation through Jesus Christ led to a dramatic change in his life.  While studying in the Philippines Jack was called to serve with the pastoral team of Pasay City Alliance Church; a very prominent church in the Christian and Missionary Alliance church of the Philippines (CAMACOP). After returning from the Philippines to Jerusalem he began ministering in full time capacity with the Evangelical Alliance Church in the old city of Jerusalem, while also teaching part time at BBC. While serving as Senior Pastor for 13 years, he and other likeminded leaders saw the congregation grow and become a church planting movement and a catalyst in reaching out to the Palestinian people and Arabs with the love of Christ.

Jack has worked extensively in the area of peace and reconciliation and has played a pioneering role in several local and international ministries. His joy in life is to see young leaders grow and flourish in the work of the Kingdom; therefore he continues to motivate, coach and stand beside them as they begin their ministries. He and his wife, Madleine, serve as advisors and mentors for many young ministries.

Rev. Jack is an ordained minister with Evangelical Alliance Church in the Holy Land where he still maintains an overseeing role with the leadership of the churches. He currently serves at the board of several local and International ministries and organizations. Today, Rev. Jack travels the globe, speaking in conferences and teaching about Missions and Cross Cultural work in the Middle East. He is happiest when he can bring his family with him on these journeys.

Jack is married to Madleine Sahwani Sara, who has served alongside him in ministry for their entire married life.  They are the proud parents of Nathan, Maranatha and Mickel.


We are a community of evangelical Christians who believe that following Jesus with integrity means that our lives are formed by our love for God, the teaching of the Bible and a fearless life of discipleship in the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We believe that one of the first hallmarks of discipleship is love for both our own community and for our enemies. We wish to find Jesus at the center of everything we do and to make his life our life. Which means finding courageous love for Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews alike.


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